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Why You Should Use Us

Music Lyrics writing

We Co-write Lyrics of different Music genre for professional Artists and Starters who want to sign professionally, in the following form:
Full Song: we write all(A-Z) part of the song, and the Artists re-voice purchased song in his or her voice, this is best for starters, and Stars who have being out of the market for a season.
Chorus: We write hits chorus and bridge for gifted Artists to fill in rap or verses. This is for gifted Artists who want to always be on top of the chart.
Lyrics for a Beat: we take good beat from creative producer and write Lyrics for it, depending on the message the producers want to pass.
Lyrics Editing: we also edit music lyrics to fits our standard for it to sell.

Staffing a song

"We also write staff or stave for songs for professional music performance In Western musical notation, the staff, or stave, is a set of five horizontal lines and four spaces that each represent a different musical pitch or, in the case of a percussion staff, different percussion instruments."

Criticizing of songs

"We also criticize Songs, question its ability to sell, example: did the Artists deliver the message well? How well did he/her use the music dynamics? Can the song win the heart of target audience? Etc. this are done to external written songs before promotion of the songs. "

Building Stigma, signature and image

"For label who sign Artists and introduces to the public this is very important, we build a stigma from an Artists' tone of voice, stage gesture and dressing to fit all his/her songs, forming a signature over time love by all his/her Audiences. "

Stage Management Classes

"We also teach Artists how to win different kinds of Audiences using his gifts and styles without trying to be like any other, how to managed time, How to carry the Audience along across different Country. "