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  • Please if you're not a music Star, upcoming Artist, or have the gift of singing, then this may be useless to you, but if you are, please read this to the end.


    Lyrics Wizard Explosion... 1st Feb,2016 !!!

    It is so unfortunate we live in the part of Africa where Professionalism is not recognize, gifts and talents are been ignore and discourage, the most connected person rules the industry, back to the Entertainment industry were everyone is welcome. One person is the Songwriter, Producer, Artiste, and sometimes Marketer, also Shoot and edit its videos. You may doubt this but it is true, that is some of the reasons you hear big names but they don't last. If you must be on top of the music chat, you must keep winning the hearts of the audience and your pride, connection, wealth and passed glory don't matter here, and you must recognize professionalism.