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What made a good song, is it the beat, the producer, the artiste, How can you make a hit song? Before now everyone assume hit-Songs are written by luck, some people have superstitious believe about it. I want to leak HIT song secrets to you. There are natural principles if you mistakenly write a song to fall into this principle it become a HIT songs, like my favourite Professor in Berklee college of Music, Prof Patt Pattision said a good song is made up of good music and lyrics.

I'm not here to teach you how to do either, I assume you know how to write a song already
If you do not, I can recommend some school online and face to face centre for you. I also assume all the elements that make music are at its best. Your melody, lyrics, beat, music dynamics etc.
Using the principle of Life-cycle costing which is part of ACCA F5 syllabus.
I assume artistes is PRODUCT, from each stages from introduction Stage to Decline Stage there are different songs can make them Hits, I assume TIME to be how long the artistes has being in the industry, and SALES to be to acceptance, and turnover made over each stage.
Am not going to trouble you with ACCA Accounting principle, or start teaching you Life Cycle costing, or give you more details my assumptions, but I discover so many more natural principles, I called HIT SONGS PRINCIPLES, example:

Principle of Association: This is a skilful nature of writing a song to show relationship between two object, this relationship can be human and human or human and non-living things, this is sub-divide into two:

Inanimate Association: This is a sub principle of Association which a subject skilfully write a song claiming to associated to a tribe, city, State, country, and continent, or anything that is not living, but has people associated with it.

Inanimate Associated claim
California State
Jay Z featuring Alicia Keys
Empire State of Mind (New York)State
African QueenContinent
Duncan mighty
Am a port Harcourt  boy City
Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)Continent


2. Animate Association: this is the most common principle found in the music industry, is called "featuring" or "Collabo" , this is the principle common use by new members of secret society were a subject stand on the shoulder of another subject who is a star to gain firm. Also when a subject write a song claiming to associate with a living thing example a Governor of a State, president of a country, or anyone who control people or has goodwill around a region etc.

NOTE : exception to the above rules are religions songs, which has its own principles.

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