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Who We Are

These are professional songwriters from different genres and different countries coming together under one umbrella, saddle with the responsibility of writing lyrics that will touch the soul and break record. We have spent two year and eight months researching why each song that sold was a success. We discover that the principles for the past two decade are the same only the beat and Lyrics change, and we write base on this principles. We write and sell Original songs national and international.


1. Click on REGISTER
2. Fill in your correct information
3. Link will be send to your email for Account Activation
4. Click on the Link sent your email for to activate your account
5. You can now Log-in to your account on LYRICS WIZARD


  1. Login to your account, Click on BUY LYRICS under DEALS
  2. Fill the form properly, selecting Music Genres, Music Class, Transaction Type and so on. If your order is any of this Building Stigma or signature and image or Criticizing of songs please remember to upload the song we are to work on. Check the cost of songs in these classes (Ordinary class, National class, World class). You can check the Price List  from this link : PAYMENT-->Price List
  3. After submitting the form, check the TRANSACTIONS PAYMENT DETAILS.
  4. Click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT to complete your transaction and print INVOICE.
  5. Select payment type (PAY THROUGH BANK), print your INVOICE or copy the bank details on this page with your INVOICE NUMBER.  (Use your INVOICE NUMBER as your first name on the BANK TELLER)
  6. Pay the same Amount to the Bank Account given to you. (If you RESIDE in NIGERIA you will pay in NAIRA but if you RESIDE outside NIGERIA you will pay in POUNDS…. You can change it by updating your COUNTRY OF RESIDENT in your profile: SETTINGS-->EDIT PROFIEL, then LOGOUT and LOGIN again before placing any order. )
  7. After payment, update your payment detail on your account, Login, click on PAYMENTS--> PAYMENT UPDATE then click on UPDATE PAYMENT.  Fill the form and submit.
  8. Click on the RED BUTTON at the top of the page (MY ACCOUNT), the list of all your ORDERS will show.
  9. Under PAYMENT Column we have:
    MAKE PAYMENT: unpaid transaction (Click to update payment).
    EDIT PAYMENT: click to edit an already updated but unconfirmed payment.
    PRINT RECEIPT: click to print receipt of an already confirmed payment.
    PAYMENT RETURNED: When an updated payment has issue, click to check and fix it then submit again.
    COMPLETE TRANSACTION: Click on this link to fist complete your transaction, Click on PROCEED TO PAYMENT, then print INVOICE and go to BANK and PAY, them come back and update your payment.


Under STATUS Column and ACTION Column:

  When the STATUS is in WAITING and ACTION has OPTICAL LENS: it means that your order is still on waiting list and you can edit it.
When the STATUS changed to In PROGRESS and ACTION is blank: it means that we are working on your order.

  When the STATUS changed to WAITING FOR YOU and ACTION changed to GREEN image with a white GOOD SIGN: it means we are done with your order but we need you to click on the image to check the work we have done, you need to APPROVE or REJECT the job.

  When the STATUS changed back to In PROGRESS and ACTION changed to WHITE image with a green THUMB UP: It means you have approved this JOB and we will send the LYRICS SCRIPT or DOWNLOAD LINK back to YOU.

  When the STATUS changed to REJECTED and ACTION changed to WHITE image with a RED THUMB DOWN: It means that you disapproved this job and we will have to look at your reasons and correct whatever issue you complain and return it back to you again using all the above process again.

   When the STATUS changed back to APPROVED and ACTION changed to GREEN image with a white THUMB UP: this means that you have approved this job and the green image is the link to the LYRICS or DOWNLOAD link of the music.

  1. Click on DEALS then Select BUY HIT SONGS select the song you want to buy or from HOME PAGE select the song you want to buy. (You can only see songs that have never been bought by any one).
  2. Go through the description of the music or listen to the music, if you are fine with the music then click on BUY HIT SONG.
  3. Print your INVOICE and pay to our bank account.
  4. Update your payment details after payment on PAYMENTS-->PAYMENT UPDATE.
  5. Check your Hit SONG ORDER on REPORTS-->HIT SONG ORDER; you can print RECEIPT when we confirm payment.
  6. After confirming your payment, we will enable the DOWNLOAD LINK for your music to you.


  1. Book a seat in Class (Click on DEALS then Select BOOK TRAINING CLASS)
  2. Fill the form properly and Submit then click MAKE PAYMENT to complete your Booking
  3. Pay to bank
  4. We will send Venue and Time of your class through mail
  5. Attend classes with your book and pen.
  6. You can Book For Class Now